Truth Minerals

Glossy Black Smoky Quartz Point (MW-SQ-12)


This complex, glossy point shines among basal white feldspar crystals with interesting re-growth and a slightly milky tip. 

Dimensions: 3.5" X 1" x .75"

Weight: 46 grams

This glossy black, single smoky point will have you swooning - and never wanting to put it down. 

This 1.8 Billion year old crystal radiates raw, natural beauty.  It's not polished, cut or color enhanced in any way.  And it glows in transmitted light - like the glowing light within you.

Radioactive decay of minerals in surrounding soils interacts with Aluminum in the crystal lattice to transform this quartz crystal into smoldering smokies. Naturally. 

Our Colorado diggers, Matt Wagner, Zach Bernhardt and Josh Gilliam, extracted this one by hand, with respect, love and connection to the ground they dig. Our Truth Minerals geologist hand selected her for her unique look and feel.

Bring this glossy smoky into your life - and remember to stay grounded and keep your mindset positive. In the same manner they absorb radiation, this smoky crystal transmutes negative energy into positive. 

Buy now and it'll be heading your way within two days of ordering.

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