Truth Minerals

Dramatic flair quartz cluster


Make this elegant natural masterpiece the conversation starter on your coffee table or the star of your crystal grid.

Larger, clear quartz crystals emanate from 3 sides of this cluster in an elegant natural bouquet. 

Unite in oneness with this crystal cluster as a reminder. Like the individual crystals that make up this stunner come together to form an incredible cluster. We're stronger together! 

dimensions: 6" x 4" x 2.5"

weight: 2.14 pounds

Just like this cluster- you are whole, complete and perfect as is.

This stunning quartz cluster comes from Wegner mines in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. They set the standard for sustainability in mining- sourcing energy from solar and wind, building from on-property lumber properly reclaiming older mined areas.
Truth Minerals geologist selected this cluster by hand for its size, shape and beautiful bouquet like arrangement of crystals.

If you're looking for a dramatic cluster full of powerful crystal vibes- this one's for you! 

Ship within two business days.

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