Truth Minerals

Luxe bouquet quartz cluster


Bring this captivating cluster into your life and remember the beauty of oneness and diversity.

Tawny sandstone sparkles beneath sprays of encrusting clear crystals in an aspiring spherical array- like a bouquet of quartz crystals.

Though the sandstone appears very different in texture, color and form, it's nearly identical in composition (quartz) to the showy crystals.  A beautiful reminder that beyond appearance, we all share the same essence.

dimensions: 5" x 4" x 4"

weight: 2 pounds

Just like this cluster- you are whole, complete and perfect as is.

This stunning quartz cluster comes from Wegner mines in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Wegner Mines set the standard for sustainability in mining- sourcing energy from solar and wind, building from on-property lumber properly reclaiming older mined areas.
Truth Minerals geologist selected this cluster for its amazing matrix/ crystal geometry, flashy clear crystals and super unique and gorgeous shape.

If you're looking for a one of kind powerhouse centerpiece with sparkling sandstone matrix- this is your cluster! 

Ship within two business days.

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