Truth Minerals

Classy clear quartz cluster


This compact cluster brings big drama to your space with its ultra-clear crystals encrusting a light gray sandstone.  

You can put it by your desk to give your gorgeous eyes a flat screen break and gaze at this 3D sculpture of nature. 

May all the parts of this beautiful whole (from the tiniest sand grain to the largest clear crystal) remind you of your oneness- with all humanity and all life. And your strength- as an individual and part of a team. 

dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1.5"

weight: 0.4 pounds

Just like this cluster- you are whole, complete and perfect as is.

This stunning quartz cluster comes from Wegner mines in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Wegner Mines set the standard for sustainability in mining- sourcing energy from solar and wind, building from on-property lumber properly reclaiming older mined areas. Truth Minerals geologist selected each cluster by hand.

Looking for a small and classy quartz cluster with all the beautiful crystal vibes (that also supports small business and US mining) you've found it!

Ship within two business days.

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