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Colorado Aquamarine Cluster (Aq-2)


This divine arrangement of Aquamarine crystals and Smoky Quartz crystals among Smoky Quartz matrix invites you to connect with nature and own your true nature. That of strength and love.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"

weight: 141 grams

Named for its pale blue-green seawater color, Aquamarine's latin name (aqua marina) literally means sea water. It's a Beryl mineral. (Emerald's the green variety of beryl and morganite's pink.)

With a hardness of 7.5 - 8 Beryls are robust minerals and commonly used as gemstones. Beryl's contain the element Beryllium, which is a light and strong metal with amazing conductivity and a high melting point. It's got many industrial applications and is used in cell phones and aircraft parts.

Well before cell phones, the Romans rocked Aquamarine bling- as beautiful gemstones AND for seasickness prevention / gut health.  Well known Roman kings wore custom crowns made of Gold, Pearls and Aquamarine.

And this new Colorado Aquamarine cluster is perfectly suited for an ethical crystal collecting queen or king - just like you! 

These Aquamarine clusters are a new discovery. Mount Antero Colorado's a well known location for Aquamarine.  But these blue beauties are a new find from a new location- near Leadville. They were hand-excavated with care and respect by a passionate trio of Colorado diggers.

They haven't been irradiated or heat-treated (which is a pretty common practice for aquamarine gemstones). They're all natural - just the way nature created them.

Aquamarine's known as the stone of courage, and invites you to journey into the depths of your inner being.  Experience vastness and expansiveness - like the ocean - through stillness and silence. Aquamarine reminds you to access your soul guidance and act on it with courage.

This one calling you? It's the only Aquamarine cluster just like this. Answer the call before it's gone.

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