Truth Minerals

Sunkissed 5" Arkansas Clear Quartz Crystal (364g)


Connect with the divine beauty of nature. Cultivate gratitude for the simple things in life- like sunrises. And exquisite quartz crystals.

This crystal is super clear and contains interesting fracture patterns and a beautiful re-healed base.  A sweet little sidekick crystal just out from the side accompanying the main crystal. 

Dimensions: 5" X 1.75" X 1.5" Weight: 364 grams

This crystals is natural and unmodified- no polishing, cutting or heat treatment of any kind. 

Photos were taken at dawn and show beautiful golden- orange hues transmitted through the crystal. The crystal is clear and white. 

Responsibly sourced- this gem came from a Zigras claim in Arkansas, USA!  Mined by adults. Who are MSHA trained, paid well above industry standards and are the best in the field.

James Zigras, a mineral-obsessed youth- turned legendary crystal wildcatter- built Avant Mining from the ground up. His mines produce some of the highest quality crystals in the world.

When you buy from Truth Minerals, you’re not only purchasing fantastic minerals- you’re also supporting responsible USA crystal mining and collection operations, and USA small businesses.


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