Truth Minerals

USA sourced rose quartz (#52)


This beautifully shaped, 1 pound crystalline rose quartz lights up any space in your home with love and deep pink color. 

dimensions: 4" x 3" x 2" weight 1.1 lbs

Drench your senses in rich, rosy pink.  Soothing hues nurture your spirit. This chunky, glassy hard mineral mass- balanced by the soft rose glow- pops perfectly in any space in your home.    

fourth generation American rose quartz miner, Carl Scott, extracts these pink stunners in small batches from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  

They come out of pegmatites- which look linear on 2D rock faces- cutting through more uniform rock bodies.  Crystals grow BIG in pegmatite veins- and are often special and rare minerals. 

Gaze at this gorgeous specimen and remind yourself- Abundant beauty and love exist in this world. Remember the importance of love and kindness- toward yourself and all others. 

Spread the love and feel good about your purchase. A portion of your rose quartz purchase goes to 16 Hands of Love- a non-profit organization rescuing animals and teaching humans to see the animals (and themselves) as sacred, intelligent beings. 

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