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Utah Azurite + Malachite (LS-19)


Crystalline drusy azurite clusters shimmer and sparkle on the surface of this sandstone.

dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1"

weight: 130 grams

Deep blue crystalline azurites sparkle among velvety green malachite on a sandstone slab.  Vibrant and bold like the colors of peacock feathers, these copper carbonates will bring a calming yet lively energy into your home.

We're naturally drawn to beautiful shades like these, and have been for ages. Azurite and malachite colored early human cave art, pottery glaze and even ancient Egyptian makeup!

And now, you can hold this work of nature's art in your hand- staying ever connected to Earth's beauty.

It formed near a large copper deposit in Utah where malachite and azurite crystallized in fractures on a sandstone host rock. A reminder that sometimes "breaking open" leads to beautiful healing. 

A persistent miner, Bill Harrison, worked the area for years before finding high quality azurite and malachite. He's diligent about leaving a small mining footpring and continuously improving the land he mines - by re-covering produced areas and re-planting vegetation.

So you can feel good about the good energy this malachite and azurite sandstone slabs bring you.  The green malachite brings you a fresh lively energy in feng shui, while the azurite brings a deep calming.

Buy this special piece today for some good vibes.

Ships within two business days.

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