Truth Minerals

Clear capped Smoky with clay inclusions (MW-SGL-6)


Dimensions: 3" X 1" x .75"

Weight: 42 grams

Stimulate your sense of wonder and awe with this natural, funky 1.8 billion year old smoky quartz crystal.

With a smoky quartz core and clear quartz overgrowth and clays and chlorite trapped between the layers, this one of a kind piece is meant for a one of a kind person!

It came out of a famous Colorado fluorite pocket- the Green Lantern Pocket, found by Matthew Wagner of FairPlay, CO. And our Truth Minerals geologist hand selected this one for its unique look and feel.

Radioactive decay of minerals in surrounding soils interacts with Aluminum in the crystal lattice to transform these quartz crystals into smoldering smokies. Naturally. 

Bring one into your home and life. Stay grounded in the sacred and keep your mindset positive. You're multi-layered, complex and have your own unique flair, just like this crystal.

Make this one of a kind funky smoky quartz crystal yours before it's gone.

Ships within two days of ordering.

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