Truth Minerals

Pike's Peak Smoky quartz and feldspar cluster (MW-SQC-10)


Dimensions: 7" X 5.5" x 2.5"

Weight: 1152 grams

Spark captivating conversations with an original cluster from America's Mountain.
This crystalline cluster of pink feldspar and black smoky quartz fills your home with beauty and pure Earth energy. It formed around 1.8 Billion years ago as water-rich pockets in a huge magma chamber cooled and grew crystals.
This special piece was hand dug with love from the side of Pike's Peak by Zach Bernhardt and gently cleaned and prepared by Matt Wagner- two crystal loving Colorado boys.
This 1.8 Billion year old cluster of crystals radiates raw, natural beauty.  It's not polished or color enhanced in any way.  
Radioactive decay of minerals in surrounding soils interacts with Aluminum in the crystal lattice to transform these quartz crystals into smoldering smokies. Naturally. 
Bring this one into your home and life, and remember to stay grounded and keep your mindset positive. In the same manner they absorb radiation, these smoky crystals are believed to transmute negative energy into positive. 
Isn't this one a stunner?!
Order it now, and it'll be heading your way within two days.

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