Truth Minerals

USA Rose Quartz- 1.8#


1.8 pounds of love in a glassy rock form, with color variation and white bands cutting across.  When you get this baby home look close for some tiny rainbows!

Dimensions of 4.5" x 3" x 2.5" make this piece perfect for any space!


Drench your senses in rich, rosy pink.  Soothing hues nurture your spirit. These chunky, glassy hard mineral masses- balanced by the soft rose glow- pop perfectly in any space in your home.    

A fourth generation American rose quartz miner, Carl Scott, extracts these pink stunners in small batches from the Black Hills of South Dakota.   

They come out of pegmatites- which look linear on 2D rock faces- cutting through more uniform rock bodies.  Crystals grow BIG in pegmatite veins- and are often special and rare minerals. 

Gaze at these gorgeous specimens and remind yourself- Abundant beauty and love exist in this world. Remember the importance of love and kindness- toward yourself and all others. 

Spread the love and feel good about your purchase. A portion of all rose quartz purchases goes to 16 Hands of Love- a non-profit organization rescuing animals and teaching humans to see the animals (and themselves) as sacred, intelligent beings. 

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