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Amazonite + Smoky cluster


This dreamy combo of amazonite feldspar and smoky quartz just makes your heart sing. From the stack of blue-green amazonites to the elegant little smoky quartz quartz crystal, this cluster's something special. 

Own this superb natural sculpture today.

dimensions: 2.5" x 2" x 1.5"

weight: 160 grams

Ocean inspired hues color this euhedral amazonite feldspar crystal cluster.

Life's stressful enough, so bring peace and spa-like relaxation into your home with pops of gorgeous blue-green color. Despite the color tones, these crystals are found high up in the Rocky Mountains- nowhere near any ocean.  
Fill your senses with wonder as you marvel at the sacred, natural geometry of these triclinic, prismatic amazonite crystals with their well-defined faces and characteristic, tiny white lines. 

This cluster and all its crystals grew in the Earth like this, and it's completely unmodified by cutting or polishing of any kind. 

This amazonite cluster was hand-extracted, by a passionate Colorado digger, cleaned and selected with love and care. Truth Minerals' geologist chose this one for its gorgeous crystal shape and color.  

Like early humans at the advent of agriculture made amazonite into beads and amulets for good luck, you can use this cluster as a good luck charm for fertility, abundance and wellness.  Plus the gorgeous smokies help keep you grounded and transmute negative energy to positive. 

Make it yours before it's gone.

Ships within two business days.

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