Truth Minerals

Green and growing Wavellite (W-18)


Stay inspired by spring all year round with the varied expressions of Wavellite crawling all over the surface of 4 sides of this rock.

Hues of pale sage to pale yellow to teal green Wavellite, climb in sparkly carpets. While on another side, individual crystals stand out against the dark gray Novaculite.

Let this Wavellite bearing rock remind you of the joys of spring- abundance, faith, hope and new beginnings.  

dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1.5"

weight: 0.6 pounds

 This sample was hand mined in Arkansas, USA by Avant Mining and hand selected by Truth Minerals for its quality and durability (more on that in the blog post).  You can also read the blog post to learn more about specific properties of Wavellite

Ships within 2 business days of order.  This one's a stunner and won't last long, so order now!

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