6 Reasons Crystals make the best Valentine's gifts

 Inspired by my son- the best rock giver.

Are crystal gifts a new concept to you, are have you been gifting and receiving crystals for a while now?  Rock and mineral gifting in my household- actually in my life- is not new or uncommon.

So if you’re considering gifting crystals to (yourself or another) this valentine’s day, listen up! And if you’ve been at this a while, let me know if you have anything to add to this list.

  1. Crystals won’t die- like flowers or plants. They’re long lasting- like your love. You can zhuszh up your space with natural crystal décor that outlasts you. They have been around for MILLIONS of years.  But hey, I don’t hate flowers.  Crystals and flowers actually go together quite nicely.
  1. Minerals won’t melt or rot your teeth- and they’re calorie free! Seriously who *really* needs any. more. sugar!?  Isn’t it enough that sugar is so prevalent in common foods? And then, here comes Valentine’s Day… Store shelves lurking with high sugar foods- taunting you because your brain’s been trained to associate high sugar food as “treats”.  And you and your people DESERVE treats. You love your kids, right?  They deserve candy. It will make them happy.  You want happy kids, don’t you?   …Next thing you know, your dental bills are in the thousands and your kids are like crack fiends- melting down when you say no to that cookie before dinner.  Clearly minerals are better. There’s no fiendish side effects, and as long as you don’t chew on them- there’s no dental downsides.    
  1. Mineral specimens can be re-used. Bath bombs are great Valentine’s Day gifts.  Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing soak in the tub.  Isn’t pampering what V-Day is all about? The downside- bath bombs are a one and done kinda thing. By the way, many bath bombs contain minerals- like salts and clay minerals! Still- after one soak all those minerals go down the drain. Mineral specimens (i.e. crystals) also help you relax in the tub.  That nature-made tubside eye candy lulls you into a peaceful state. And after that bath is done you can still take another bath on another day and re-use the same crystals! Chill. Connect with nature. Be at peace. Repeat. Now, I recommend combining bath bombs with crystals for the ultimate bath experience. Add some candles and that’ll just take it over the top!
  1. Crystals don’t come with a burn risk. Candles are wonderful but require some caution. Crystals, on the other hand, will never accidentally burn your house down. If you’re willing to supervise, candles and crystals can work together to create a perfect V-day vibe.  We recommend beeswax candles- that way you can be doubly blown away by nature- plus they smell like honey and are good for the air.  
  1. Rocks and minerals are easy to re-gift. Seriously, no one will ever be able to tell if they’re used. And its not like they come out of the ground with tags.  My son re-gifts me crystals all the time.  Sometimes, the exact same ones I may bought him. (C’mon he’s 7- doesn’t have a job or car so.) I love it, by the way.
  1. Crystals remind you to prioritize love and beauty. Valentine’s day is all about love, right? If you’re spread thin, overworked, constantly giving to others, tend to get run down and need regular reminders to prioritize yourself- you NEED a crystal.  Gift yourself something natural, beautiful and divine.  Gaze at it, hold it, quietly take in its magnificience. Feel its essence. And remember your own. You are beautiful. You are a divine creation.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!