I’m just a gal with a rock collection, a love for our planet, and some serious inner-nerdyness. 

camp. I hike. I shop local, grow vegetables and compost.  My kids give me rocks for Christmas and I LOVE it!  I’m a geologist.

I find peace in nature.  I stay grounded and rooted in the divine through daily spiritual practices.  And I love to create sacred and beautiful spaces in my home by bringing nature into the décor. 

I spent many years feeding the inner rock-nerd, studying Geology in undergrad and grad school and working professionally as a geologist for large and small companies.

You like rocks, crystals and minerals too?  Yesss!  I love connecting with fellow rock-lovers!  And by the way, I’m doing this Truth Minerals thing for you!

I want nothing more than to provide you with killer crystals and rocks that are artisan - mined and locally collected.  Amazing pieces you can keep forever and pass down to your children. All wrapped up in biodegradable & compostable packaging- and sent to you with love.  

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