The hidden meaning behind this pocket's name

Us humans tend to name things we discover, own or birth. My mom names her cars. Parents name their children, and early explorers named new-to-them places.

When diggers discover pockets full of crystals they sometimes give them names - like the 2K pocket!

It’s an amazonite pocket that was discovered near Lake George Colorado in the mid-2000’s. And the crystals are large, well-formed, and have some of the best color I’ve ever seen for Colorado Amazonites. They’re a vibrant blue-green. And some of them have (rare and special) white caps.

A friend of mine found an amazing pocket with vibrant green fluorite. The color reminded him of the comic book character, Green Lantern, so he named it the Green Lantern pocket.

But names aren’t always so exciting- some friends recently found a pocket containing phenakite (pretty spectacular for their Colorado) and they just call it the phenakite pocket.

Click play on the video below to hear the story of how my friend found and named his epic 2K pocket. As you watch it, consider whether you believe he lucked into this find all on his own or received help from the other side.

It’s a sweet a story of a beautiful human and digger with reverence and humility.  Watch to the end to find out the double meaning of the name 2K.

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