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Fluorite cube on glittering smoky

This one-of-a-kind Colorado smoky quartz glitters and gleams, while a whimsical fluorite cube pops from its surface. It's a little piece of art, just waiting to be yours.

Fluorite's a halide mineral consisting of Fluorine and Calcium atoms. It's more delicate than it's quartz companion, with a hardness of 4. But this baby was gently exhumed from the rockies by hand, carried down and cleaned by Carl Holzer, life-long Colorado digger.

Fluorite, from latin means "to flow". You can use this cubic wonder to remind you of the healing stream of life flowing through you. Stay in the flow. You always have access to the flow of divine healing.

Adorn your home with a unique sculpture from nature and have a constant cubic reminder of your own natural healing tendency. Stay grounded in your true nature - your healing nature, and quickly transmute any negative thoughts with the glittery Colorado smoky quartz.

Make this glossy slender Colorado smoky with its blue-purple fluorite cube yours today! You deserve to surround yourself with beauty and nurture your innate healing.

Weight: 212 grams

Dimensions: 4.75" x 2" x 1.25"

(Orders ship within two days and there's shippings always free for orders >$75)


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