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Natural Colorado Amazonite cluster (ch-a-21)

This spectacular blue-green amazonite crystal cluster fills your home with tranquil vibes, and fills your soul with wonder. Feel your sacred connection to Earth and source as you take in the essence of this wondrously made, completely natural treasure from the mineral kingdom.

dimensions: 5.5” x 4” x 3”

weight: 2.14 lbs

Dreamy, ocean inspired hues color this natural amazonite feldspar crystal cluster. It grew in the Earth like this- with amazonite crystals grown together, intertwined yet independent - stacked on and within each other, to create this nature made masterpiece.

Despite the color tones, these crystals are found in the Colorado Rocky Mountains- nowhere near any ocean.  This stunning cluster came from Crystal Peak in Teller County, out of what used to be called the Rocket Claim.

Mined in the early 2000s near Lake George Colorado, the diggers began removing overburden near a known pocket, hoping to dig down and expose another crystal-bearing pocket. At first, after many hours of digging, they started to find some small crystals and it wasn't looking great.

But as soon as a huge crystal was discovered in the pocket, the miner sat down and called out "Somebody Call 911!" And that's how the 911 pocket got its name. This gorgeous amazonite is one of the most exquisite treasures that came out of the 911 pocket. With its perfectly shaped amazonite crystals of outstanding color stacked on each other, resembling a mountain peak. 

This blue-green geometric wonder not only brings a story of adventure and discovery and a beautiful pure energy from the Earth, it also brings some serious color pop action to otherwise drab spaces in your home!

It's got a repair, as sometimes natural clusters fall apart during exhumation. Then they are fit back together, and this one fits beautifully. The repair is only noticable on the bottom and with very close inspection.

Give into your primal urges and surround yourself with this colorful masterpiece from the mineral kingdom. Amazonite feldspar has adorned humans for ages - used in decor, jewelry, amulets and vessels as far back as 8000 BCE! 

Like early humans at the advent of agriculture made amazonite into beads and amulets for good luck and bountiful harvests, you can use this cluster as a good luck charm for fertility, abundance, health & wellness.  (Check out this blog to learn more about the history, lore and geology of amazonite.)

You can feel good about this purchase, knowing you're supporting American small businesses and local Colorado diggers. Plus a portion of all amazonite crystal sales (including this one) goes to Big Green, a Denver based organization that builds school gardens and cultivates healthy relationships between kids and real food.

Like you, this treasure's one of a kind. It's the only one like it, so make it yours before it's gone. Order today and it'll ship out within two business days.

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