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World class, white capped amazonite crystal (CH-A-27)

Upgrade your collection with this world-class, white-capped single amazonite crystal. An exceptionally colored, vibrant blue-green hue contrasts with the white cap on this stunning specimen from the K2 pocket.

It's a true American treasure, discovered in the Lake George area of Colorado - and an epic addition to your mineral cabinet!

This amazonite crystal was hand-extracted, by a passionate 50+ year Colorado digger - and cleaned and prepped with love and care. Truth Minerals' geologist chose this one for its amazing color, large size, well preserved crystal faces, and of course the rare white cap!

Tiny purple fluorite cubes on the base delight your senses. Bright white exsolution lamelle appear on some of the faces, creating a lovely contrast in this work of nature's art.  

Dimensions: 3.25" x 3" x 3"

Weight: 1.2 lbs

White capped amazonite crystals of this caliber and with this color are especially rare, and this is the only one just like it.

Make it yours before it's gone, and we'll carefully pack it up and get it shipped out within two days.

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