Truth Minerals

Colorado Smoky cluster on Copper

Stacks of black prismatic crystals jut out in all directions, gleaming, shining and reflecting the light. Faint auburn feldspar growth provides beautiful contrast against the black shiny quartz crystals.

Upon close inspection, a small purple feldspar pops from the surface. Gazing deep into the individual quartz crystals you'll see black phantom cores with clear external growth.

This truly wondrous treasure from the Colorado Rockies sits perfectly atop it's custom, solid copper stand.

Bold and grounding, this stunning Smoky Quartz statement piece reminds you to transmute negative energy into positive.

The Smoky cluster itself measures 6" x 5" x 2" and on the stand it measures just over 7" high.

Make it yours while its still available! Ships within two business days.

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