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Drusy Citrine - 113


Prepare for some major sparkle in your home and heart with this large piece of drusy citrine. 

dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 2.5"

weight: 256 grams

Most citrine on the market is heat treated amethyst, but this is the real deal.

It's drusy citrine on novaculite from Arkansas. Natural. Rare. Gorgeous.

Cozy up with one of this crystal and invite fall vibes into your heart.

Thousands of minature, latte-colored crystals glitter in reflected light. Showy and stunning with all that sparkle, yet down to earth in muted brown tones.

Fall is a time of harvesting and when trees drop their leaves to survive winter. These autumn-hued natural citrines remind us to inventory our lives for what's no longer serving us. Limiting mindsets, fear-based beliefs, unhealthy relationships, etc. Drop them. Let go of your limiting beliefs and create space for new, empowering thoughts and beliefs. So you will thrive, and prosper.

Citrine's commonly associated with wealth. Some recommend placing citrine crystals in every room in your home or keeping some nearby while you work.

Scientists have proposed several mechanisms for the natural yellow-brown color of this quartz. One explanation credits colloidally dispersed hydrous iron oxide particles within the crystal lattice, and most cite the presence of Fe+3 plus some combination of natural heating and/or irradiation.

In ancient times it was believed that citrine was capable of holding sunlight. It was sometimes called "sunstone".

So use this sunny sparlking mineral beacon to open to greater energy, joy, creativity and abundance as you let go of whatever's holding you back.

But get it now before it's gone. These are rare. They're not actively being mined. It was a one-time find and quantities are super limited.

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