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Elegant Smoky Quartz Cluster on acrylic stand


This elegant natural cluster's perfect for your high vibe home. High gloss, elongated smokies emerge from a matrix - overgrown with shiny crystals.

These lighter colored smokies evoke wonder and fascination, while keeping you grounded in Earth's pure energy. Perfectly set upon a custom acrylic stand this magnificent statement piece stands out in any setting.

dimensions of cluster: 7L" x 5W" x 5.5H"
overall dimensions with acrylic stand: 8"x 6" x 7"
weight: 4.4 pounds
The location's unconfirmed, but this stunner could be Swiss. Or, it may have come from Lincoln County, New Mexico. We acquired the piece from one of our long-time Colorado diggers, who acquired it in a hush hush deal with his mailman in the late 80s.
This was shortly after crystal digging in the Sierra Blanca area was forbidden by the US Forest Service. And at the time, Sierra Blanca material was being confiscated.
Plus the piece resembles known Sierra Blanca Lincoln County smokies with its faint smoky hues, elongated crystals and lack of striations on the prism faces.
If that is where this one's from - this stunning contraband crystal's been kept safe for all these years. And now it's ready to bless the heart and home of a very special new owner.
Smoky quartz crystals can help us remember to stay grounded - deeply connected to the Earth, our source and our highest selves.
Radioactive decay of minerals in surrounding minerals interacts with Aluminum in the crystal lattice, imparting a smoky hue. In the same manner they absorb radiation, smoky quartz crystals are believed to transmute negative energy into positive.
Bring this elegant smoky cluster into your home and life and remember to stay grounded, keep your mindset positive and radiate your unique beauty.
This is a truly one of a kind piece. Make it yours before someone else does. Buy today and it'll ship out to you within two business days.

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