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The Dragon - Native Copper (RJ-NC-4)


This intricate natural sculpture looks like a dragon and reminds you to feel love with passion and fire! Stacks of tube-like copper melded together, filling voids in basalt (lava rock), to create this masterpiece!

Dimensions:  6" x 2.5" x 2.5"

weight: 0.6 pounds

The soft metallic sheen of native copper creates a luxurious look, while flooding our spaces and souls with pure energy from the Earth. This piece formed naturally by filling pores in a pre-existing rocks.

This natural, metal sculpture comes from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where the world's purest and most abundant copper deposits are found. Natives mined Michigan copper as far back as 10,000 years ago and a resurgence of mining in the mid-1800's fueled development and industry in the US.

Copper's not currently mined in the Upper Peninsula for industrial purposes. But mining for nature's copper artworks is ongoing.

Copper invites us to step into the energy of desire, love and prosperity, as it's associated with the Roman goddess Venus- the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, desire and prosperity.

Whatever the dreams and desires in your heart- use copper to bless them and remember to love them.  And know you are loved.

Make this one of a kind natural metal sculpture yours now (before someone else does)! Ships within two business days.

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