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Twinned purple fluorite cubic cluster

Intersecting cubes with faint gray centers and purple edges, cluster as connection twins - emerging from pink and white feldspar crusts. A fine example of nature's geometry, this twinned fluorite cluster's sure to elicit wonder and amazement at Earth's creations.

Light peers into the depths of this fluorite cluster like sunlight shines through a clear mountain stream. Fluorite, from latin means "to flow".
You can use this wondrous cluster to remind you of the healing stream of life flowing through you. You always have access to the flow of universal healing.

Fluorite's a halide mineral consisting of Fluorine and Calcium atoms that crystallize as cubes. It's slightly delicate, with a hardness of 4. But this specimen was gently exhumed from the rockies by hand, carried down and cleaned by Carl Holzer, life-long Colorado digger.

Remember to stay in the healing flow of life and marvel and wonder at the creations of nature.

Be sure to snatch up this phenomenal creation of nature before its gone! 

Weight: 297 grams

Dimensions: 2.75" x 2.5" x 2.25"

(Orders ship within two days and there's shippings always free for orders >$75)

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